Let’s cut straight to it … I was 14 when my dad died of pancreatic cancer and 25 when my mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Both times I felt that nobody was talking about how you're meant to deal with this kind of stuff as a young person.

It’s as if the world presumes that from your mid-teens to your mid-thirties, you’ll be too busy Instagramming photos of your holiday in Ibiza and going for a cheeky Nandos to ever have to worry about losing someone you love.

So, I’ve started this website for us …

If your dad was diagnosed a couple of months ago, leaving you wondering whether to quit uni and move home or carry on studying … This website is for you.

If you’ve just found out your mum’s cancer is terminal and now you can’t stop thinking about the wedding she will never see and the grandchildren she will never meet … This website is for you.

If you’re studying for A-Levels while caring for your brother and finding it hard to get your coursework done … This website is for you.

If your best friend passed away six months ago and none of your friends can understand why you don’t feel in the mood to go out clubbing … This website is for you. 

I know that there’s nothing anyone can say or do that will magically make things easy, but I hope that by sharing my story, reflecting on my experiences and writing about the lessons I have learnt, that I can make things slightly more bearable for people who are going through something similar.

If I can get through this, so can you … You’ve got this!

With love,

Rochelle x